Lab Tests

Lab Tests

  • Publications - Electroencephalogram to look for brain wave activities in the child and helps in identification of type of epilepsy. There is no pins or needle or pain involved in this test. We do following types of EEG
    • Awake EEG with hyperventilation and photic stimulation.
    • sleep EEG
    • Video EEG
    • Long term video EEG at hospital or home
  • BERA - Hearing tests at different frequencies. This should be done in every child who had not cried properly after birth, had high jaundice or any kind of brain infection.
  • VEP (Visually evoked potential) – to test the nerves involved in vision of the child. This test is required if there is any doubt about vision e.g. eye contact, following the objects, etc.
  • NCV/ EMG (Nerve Conduction Studies/ Electromyography) – To see the level of current in the nerves and muscle.
    • IQ assessment
    • Developmental assessment
    • Assessment for Autism
    • Assessment for ADHD (Attention Deficit and Hyperactive Disorder)
    • Counselling for various genetic and non-genetic disorders
Note: All these tests can also be done at home with additional cost.

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