International patients

International patients

Having international qualified professional and world class facilities, we get accolades from our patients not only from India, but also from different corners of the world mainly from Kazakhstan, Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan, Oman, Dubai, Turkey, Nepal, Bangladesh, Iraq, Afghanistan, Kenya, Nigeria, Tanzania, Somalia, Uganda, Kirby’s island, Pakistan, etc. We are providing the best Paediatric Neurology services to these children. Our hospital handles the query and guide the patients in getting visa letter and other relevant documents. Our team of facilitator get in touch with the patient to smoothen their journey in India right from airport when they land in India. Hospital does have a separate department who deals with the international patients only so that the staff understand their need better and try to sort the out on priority basis. Please see the testimonials by our patients who had received the treatment. These patients have a different pattern of disease as compared to Indian population. I do see lot of patients with metabolic and genetic disorders. We have the best technology in India to diagnose these cases and provide appropriate management and genetic counselling.
Many patients have a very complex epilepsy needing detailed evaluation including long term video EEG monitoring along with other tests. The success rate is up to 80%, if we diagnose early and manage these children appropriately with medications as well as rehabilitation therapies. We have the best facilities to evaluate and treat these patients accordingly.
Sometimes, patients are scared to get admission in the hospital. We take care of them by doing most of the investigations on outdoor basis wherever possible and start the treatment. We not only treat the children, but also try to educate the parents how to look after the particular disease back at home. We also provide them with some video CD to help them carry out the various therapies accordingly.
The major problem of following the patient when they go back is looked after very well by using technology like skype and video conferencing, etc. This builds up confidence in the patient as well as maintain continuity of the best medical care we aim to provide. In nutshell, we provide the following services to our international patients.
  1. Triage their query and try to provide a solution before coming to India.
  2. Evaluation and the best management strategies in India in collaboration with family and other therapists.
  3. Education and training of parents
  4. Follow up plan with video conference, etc.

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