Nutrition & Its impact on Early Brain Development

The relationship between health, nutrition, and learning is undoubtedly decisive; Nutrition is one of the most critical elements that massively influence a Child’s development. However, eating a specific diet does not guarantee that your Child would be smarter because Genes and the environment play a significant role. 

“Early brain development” begins before birth when it comes to Nutrition. Not proper Nutrition during Pregnancy can lead to stunts in foetal growth, which would consequence in low brain development that results in incurable illnesses. During the breastfeeding period, the first six months is crucial because if the milk’s quality is under nutritious, it has adverse effects on the Child’s brain development. Therefore, it becomes incredibly vital for new moms to have a properly balanced diet enriched with all kinds of nutrients, crucial for brain development—Nutrition such as Vitamin A, C, D, Protein, Calcium, Iron Carbohydrates.   

So the question is- is it necessary to consume all these essential nutrients? The answer is Yes! Nutrition benefits are never-ending, and precisely in breastfeeding, it becomes much needed so that Child’s brain can develop and develops a natural ability to fight infections. The second reason, Iron is the essential component of brain tissue. If there is iron deficiency, that could adversely affect the brain tissue, leading to permanent damage to the brain. Thus, adequate iron consumption is essential for a child, but mothers need to pay heed as too much Iron can also cause problems. Therefore, the middle way is the best- means moderate consumption. It has been mainly observed that Under Nutrition is the primary cause of children’s low energy level. This causes low social interactions, lesser reasoning aptitude, and inactiveness. 

It is scientifically proven that what food your Child consumes in the first four months will show up in their later years. That’s how Nutrition impacts brain development. Hence, it becomes imperative to closely monitor your Child’s nutrient intake in view of their later performance. Under Nutrition can overall influence a child’s immunity system, and there are high chances that they remain sick, which would affect a child’s school performance. On the other hand, iron deficiency can correspond to reduced intelligence and achievement at school age. 

Hence, the Child remains strong and in perfect health; it is the foremost concern of new moms to remain aware of their nutrition intake in Pregnancy. When a child is sufficiently nourished from conceiving through infancy, the vital protein, energy, micronutrients, and fatty acids are required for brain development are present during the foundational period, setting up the basis for lifetime brain activity. A well-nutritioned child would be capable of interacting with his or her caretakers and the atmosphere to offer the experiences required for flawless brain development. Following strict nutritional guidelines when your Child is in the womb ensures the best start of your Child’s life.