Benefits of Yoga for ADHD

Derived from the Sanskrit word “Yuji,” Yoga stands for union or yoke which translates to abundance, healing and peace. Yoga has been a practice since ancient times, and it has worked miracles in a million lives as an ancient practice that brings together the body and the mind at a still stop. Yoga has been a practice of oneness and unity that helps benefit your mental and physical well-being. Originated from the “Rig Veda” which is one of the four ancient sacred texts written in Sanskrit, Yoga can be traced over 5,000 years ago to northern India. 

The science of yoga has its origin thousands of years ago but its benefits persist. From improving mental health to helping develop physical strength and harness peaceful energies, Yoga isn’t limited in its healing powers. 

Practising Yoga regularly can also benefit people and kids suffering from ADHD i.e., attention deficit hyperactivity disorder. Practising yoga has been noticed to reduce the symptoms of ADHD to a great extent in a lot of patients. As the science of yoga focuses on mindfulness and breath control, simple yoga exercises and beginner poses can help people with ADHD live a life in the present and stay focussed. 

Effect of ADHD on the mind 

ADHD i.e., attention deficit hyperactivity disorder plays with the mind of human beings. ADHD as the condition makes it challenging for the mind to maintain focus and manage the energy levels of the mind and body. ADHD also results in the human being having uncontrollable impulses that require constant looking after and care. Many researches, however, suggest that the effects of yoga on the person suffering from ADHD are far-reaching. 

Regular yoga workouts and exercises can help a patient suffering from ADHD build strength in their prefrontal cortex. Prefrontal Cortex is the part of the brain that showcases a loss or reduction in functionalities when a person suffers from ADHD. People suffering from ADHD find it difficult to regulate the strength in the prefrontal cortex and may exhibit symptoms of being highly active with uncontrollable reflexes. 

Can Yoga Help People with ADHD? 

Yoga has helped help people suffering from ADHD. Several studies have concluded positive outcomes of yoga while battling attention deficit hyperactivity disorder. The following studies conducted showcased the positive effects of Yoga in ADHD patients. Read on to learn more about the ways yoga can help people battle the symptoms and effects of ADHD. 

Study conducted in 2017: Based on the study conducted on children in 2017 showcased practising yoga twice per week for 8 weeks acted as the perfect effective complementary therapy in addition to medication and psychological treatments provided by the doctors as the primary therapy.

Study conducted in 2019: A study similar to the one conducted in 2017 concluded that12 weeks of yoga exercises improved their symptoms of hyperactivity and distraction.

After multiple studies, researchers have concluded that yoga can play a huge role in helping people fight their symptoms of ADHD. A broader population suffering from ADHD can benefit highly from proper yoga exercises and workouts. 

What are the Benefits of Yoga on ADHD? 

Yoga offers a wide array of benefits for adults and children suffering from ADHD. Regardless of whether or not an individual has ADHD, Yoga poses a lot of potential in healing people mentally and physically. Once, a person starts practising yoga, they will experience the following benefits of yoga: 
– Yoga relieves the mind, body and soul from stress
– Relieve pain in the neck and back 
– Relief from tension headaches 
– Manage weight and become fitter 
– Build a better mental health 

Patients with ADHD can observe the following structural and functional improvements:
– Improved memory and learning 
– Development in processing emotions 
– Manage and execute function, memory, language and knowledge
– Reduce inattention
– Common Yoga Poses for People Suffering from ADHD

Yoga is one of the most effective tools to help people with ADHD fight their symptoms. Combining yoga with other techniques and treatments for mindfulness can help patients improve focus and attention. 

Patients suffering from ADHD can try the following yoga poses to find relief from painful symptoms.
– Easy Pose

Begin seated on the yoga mat on the floor.

Place each foot under the opposite knee.

Place hands on each knee.

Relax and look straight ahead.

Try closing your eyes to find relief.

Hold this for several breaths and meditate.
– Cobra Pose

Start by lying down on the stomach.

Place your palms in front of your chest in line with your shoulders.

Gently push up by taking your stomach off the ground.

Inhale and exhale while trying this pose.

Lower back down and repeat the pose.
– Tree Pose

Stand with your body weight equally distributed across both feet.

Start to shift weight onto the right foot.

Bend the left leg and place your left foot sole on your right inner thigh.

Focus on a distant object and try to balance.

Hold for five to ten breaths and repeat on each side.

Yoga is an effective tool for people suffering from troubling symptoms of ADHD. Beginner yoga poses can help adults practice alternative meditation and exercising activities to find relief.